the testimonial Luca Panichi

His presence at the Granfondo Terre dei Varano wants to be an active testimony, protagonist of the high value that cycling gives to people who practice it with just passion and with unconditional enthusiasm: the sense and awareness of the limit as a starting point to reach new objectives, bigger and more stimulating, with the joy of fatigue and the beauty of sharing.

Dedication to the GranFondo Terre dei Varano

Cycling is a ray of sunshine that refreshes you in the desert.

Pedaling my wheelchair, "pushing it" in the Cima Sassotetto of the Granfondo Terre dei Varano will recall the times of the past, coloring them with new shades, breathing new sensations, multiplying the energies, in the joy of moving forward the limit and sharing it with passion common to "climb" the climbs of cycling and life!


Luca Panichi is a 49-year-old special cyclist. His racing career lasted 17 seasons with about sixty victories, many placings, two participations in the Giro d'Italia, finishing 40th, lots of placings, a burning "marchigianità" athletic ... and an accident at the age of 25 at the Giro international amateurs of Umbria, which forces him on a wheelchair. His love for cycling has never stopped and immediately after the accident, beyond the hard rehabilitation, Luca Panichi has started climbing his "climbs" pushing and overcoming them with his wheelchair. Since 1997 he has been awarded the personal prize of combativeness, his sign of recognition in the race, at the Gp Capodarco Memorial Casartelli and, from 2009, he climbs every year an uphill stage finish at the Giro d'Italia for professionals. The peaks conquered by the climber in wheelchairs at the Giro were in order: the Block House, the Tonale Pass, the Grossglockner Glacier, the Stelvio Pass, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Zoncolan, the Colle delle finestre, Cima Oropa . Every year, in the Terre dei Varano, the memory of Michele Scarponi is always very much felt, having been the first testimonial and winner of a stage at the Tirreno Adriatico on March 16, 2009! The Aquila of Filottrano is in the heart of Avis Frecce Azzurre and Luca, it is in the heart of all athletes and enthusiasts because a champion full of inner humanism, and a formidable and unique life energy. The patron Sandro Santacchi found himself living values ​​similar to those practiced by Michele Scarponi, in supporting and supporting the climb of Luca Panichi at the Terminillo in the stage of the Adriatic Tyrrhenian that saw the same Michele great master! 5 km faced with great enthusiasm and the last 2 under an incessant snow, to confirm that the journey counts, believe it always, and never give up! For this reason, the Gran Fondo Terre dei Varano is also a reference point for the camerti and the local institutions, so that the consequences of the earthquake will disperse over time and community life will recover from the lost momentum!