Awards and trophies

There are over 130 prizes available.

In particular, the first 5 of each category (9 male and 2 female categories) will be awarded for each course (Classic and Marathon), in addition to the top 10 teams with the highest number of starters.
Moreover, the first arrival of the Marathon course will be awarded the
Francesco Gentili trophy, while the first arrival of the Classic route will be awarded the Alberto Pennesi trophy.
There will also be a prize for the first classified of the Sarnano-Sassotetto hill trial of the Marathon route: the winner will be awarded the
Dario Drago trophy.
Draw prizes will be awarded to participants with "alla Francese" Departure.



Challange Terre dei Varano
Combined between the Terre dei Varano Road and the Terre dei Varano Off-Road organized by Avis Frecce Azzurre on March 24, 2019 in Camerino. To be admitted to the ranking it is essential to make a cumulative entry to the two events at a cost of 45 euros.
Two classifications will be drawn up:
• Long TdV off-road / Classic TdV road
• Along the TdV off-road / Marathon TdV road
The first three of each ranking will be awarded for the sum of times of the two events.

Terre and Fossi Maceratesi
Combined cycling road "Terre dei Varano" and MTB "9 Fossi" (scheduled in Cingoli April 28, 2019).
For the participation in the combined Terre and Fossi it is essential to have been classified in the 9 Fossi Marathon course, and according to the type of route chosen at Terre dei Varano two classifications will be drawn with the sum of the travel times of the two chosen routes:
Biker Trophy: for the classified in the Classic of the Terre dei Varano.
Super Biker Trophy: for the classified in the Marathon of the Terre dei Varano.
The first 3 classified of each trophy will be rewarded.
It is essential to make the specific registration at a cost of 25 euros by signing the Terre e Fossi module, which can be downloaded from the website
In the same way, by registering for the 9 Fossi, the participation in the Terre e Fossi combination must be indicated in the registration form.

Eagle Trophy
From the collaboration between the G.C. Michele Scarponi and the Avis Frecce Azzurre, born the I ° Trofeo dell'Aquila in memory of Michele. Taking into consideration the Granfondo Michele Scarponi scheduled in Filottrano on April 14, 2019 and the Granfondo Terre dei Varano scheduled in Camerino on July 14, 2019, the trophy will be awarded to the one who will obtain the shortest time resulting from the sum of the timed Close to the first and to the Sassotetto regarding the second.
The awarding of the trophy will take place on July 14th in Camerino during the Granfondo Terre dei Varano awards ceremony.

All awards will take place at the arrival area.