the testimonial Luca Panichi

The Granfondo Terre dei Varano commemorates three tragically lost friends every year.

Dario Drago

Dario Drago

We remind you of many because you left an indelible mark on our lives. Riding the bike, as always tenacious in the climbs and smiling at the top. In the clinic, an authoritative doctor with a wealth of humanity. With lively eyes, proud and full of hope for the future of little Matilda and Francesco. Companion of pleasant conversations, faced with intelligence and irony.

We will miss all of us, very much. 
Saramago said, a writer you loved a lot: " the journey never ends, only the travelers end ".

In the journey that continues, your memory will always be with us.

Francesco Gentili

"... for us she is simply Francesco: the shy, pensive, reserved professor who loved to laugh with us, who did not make us weigh our mistakes ... we liked his original way of doing lesson ... walking among our desks closer to us, his particular way of asking for silence without ever raising his voice, his look was enough to make us feel good, in fact soon his severity was dissolved in that way all his hair curling with fingers, a way that made her look like much to us, a shy and sweet. 
Dear professor we would not have to say goodbye, but this is not goodbye because following his example will try to be one day the beautiful people. 
we therefore salute with a young greeting like her: hello professor! "

(His pupils of middle school in Belforte)

Francesco Gentili

Alberto Pennesi

Alberto has been for all of us the image of the truest sportsman,

a dedication to the purest sport,

practiced with the taste of the simplest and most genuine things

with a strength of mind that has accompanied you since the dawn

and until the sunset of your life.

The tenacity and courage that you have transmitted to us

they will always accompany us.