Perché esserci

Why partecipate

The Granfondo Terre dei Varano is a race that brings cyclists and agonists to the territory.
It has
safe and manned paths and offers beautiful and uncontaminated nature.
It is a race to run with low eyes on the asphalt but it is also a discovery of the territory and pure wonder.
It's a day to live under stress by pressing on the pedals and it's a day to relax with friends or family.

It is departure but it is also arrival. It is history but it is also a future. It is individuality but it is also a group.
Asphalt and green. Horizon and earth. Race and tourism. Sport and wellness. Past and future.

Being there

  • For the beauty of the landscapes crossed: routes designed for the most part inside the Sibillini Park, in one of the most beautiful areas of the Marche Apennines, with safe roads, almost without traffic; immersed in the green, you will cross beautiful medieval villages and numerous historical remains of which the routes are scattered.

  • For the challenge of the paths in which to test yourself. The Classic route full of technical ideas, which runs all around our territory able to give ample satisfaction both to those who want to ride in peace, and those who want to live it with low eyes by pressing on the pedals. The route Marathonimpegnativo, characterized by the ascent of Sassotetto one of the most beautiful in Central Italy, which will test those who want to make a difference, but also those who simply want to conquer the summit, immersed in extraordinary scenarios.

  • To remember the memory of friends cyclists who died tragically and to support an organization that for years has been fighting for a more credible and clean amateur cycling.


After the effort the well-deserved and rich pasta party prepared by the Terzieri della Corsa alla Spada and Palio.

We are waiting for you in Camerino for an intense day of sport and nature!


The event unfolds on routes that, back in the 1500s, represented the fortification line of the ancient state of Camerino, as it appears from the map on the side, extrapolated from a document of the Modena Estense Archive and duly reproduced.


Via C. Battisti 6 | 62032 Camerino (MC)

P.I. IT01615040431


GF Terre dei Varano affianca la Fondazione Michele Scarponi nelle iniziative sulla sicurezza stradale e tutela degli utenti deboli della strada


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